Student Stories

“I began taking piano lessons from Mr. Dolan when I was six years-old and his dedication to music and his patient teaching style has inspired me to keep music in my life today. I always looked forward to lessons with him. We had fun, interesting conversations before and after lessons and Mr. Dolan quickly became a mentor to me and a friend to our family. Even my dog, who hates most, liked him. During lessons, he was very patient (I was terrible about practicing beforehand) and would work with my strengths and help me improve upon my weaknesses. He made learning piano relevant to me at every age, from using silly teaching styles when I was little to helping me learn Taylor Swift songs in middle school. However, I found myself enjoying learning the classical pieces he chose the most, as they taught me the technical foundations of piano including some music theory. Despite his extensive knowledge and talent, Mr. Dolan was always approachable, understanding and determined to teach me in a style best suited to me. I highly recommend him to anyone of any level looking to learn piano.”

- Megan O'Rourke

“I began my piano lessons with Tom Dolan when I was just 6 years old, and they continued for over a decade, well into my teenage years. Now, as a performer, music director, and composer living and working in New York City, I continue to use the skills and techniques that Mr. Dolan taught me every day. Whether it’s the ability to practice slowly and patiently, or the confidence to perform with naturalness and grace, the values that Tom Dolan instilled in me as a young musician continue to inform my approach to music. Above all, he proved that learning to play an instrument could be fun, and not a chore or a burden, a point of view essential for the success of any young music student. I value every lesson I had with Mr. Dolan, and I know of no better teacher for aspiring piano players of all ages.”

- Dan Wilson

“I am a student of Mr. Tom Dolan and have taken piano lessons on and off for the last 70 years. I have found that lessons with Mr. Dolan are the most stimulating, growthful, and satisfying that I have ever experienced.

Mr. Dolan is a superb and respectful teacher who always chooses the appropriate music for my skill level- music that provides some challenge and new learning, but that I can master proudly. He explains the logic behind his directives so I now play with understanding and not automatically . Mr Dolan certainly teaches piano technique (counting, fingering). However , he focuses equally on the musicality of pieces (composer’s ideas, phrasing). Now, for the first time, I can hear the complexity and beauty of the pieces that I play as well as those I hear at concerts.

I feel very lucky to have Mr. Dolan as my teacher.”

- Elsa C. Malmud, PhD

“Tom was a member of our family for over 12 years as he provided piano instruction to a son and daughter. Today they are young adults and it is evident they benefited from the education and work habits they acquired. Our son thrived on Tom’s piano instruction; he started to perform in school music programs and has now made music his career. Tom is a talented musician, educator and positive role model. We are grateful to him for his role in both of our children’s lives.”

- Mark and Patricia Wilson

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