Beginner to Advanced Lessons for the Truly Interested Piano Student


Beginner to Advanced Lessons for the Truly Interested Piano Student


Bucks County

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Teaching piano is more than showing a student how to play a cute or popular song. And while a song can be a vehicle for learning, there are many unseen techniques that are necessary to become an accomplished player. These entail but are not limited to: good hand and finger placement, scales and chords, melodic and rhythmic awareness, song form and structure. While this may seem daunting it is taught over the course of time while students have fun and learn the value of disciplined practice.

What Students Have to Say

I began my piano lessons with Tom Dolan when I was just 6 years old, and they continued for over a decade, well into my teenage years. Now, as a performer, music director, and composer living and working in New York City, I continue to use the skills and techniques that Mr. Dolan taught me every day. Whether it’s the ability to practice slowly and patiently, or the confidence to perform with naturalness and grace, the values that Tom Dolan instilled in me as a young musician continue to inform my approach to music. Above all, he proved that learning to play an instrument could be fun, and not a chore or a burden, a point of view essential for the success of any young music student. I value every lesson I had with Mr. Dolan, and I know of no better teacher for aspiring piano players of all ages.

-Dan Wilson

Meet Tom Dolan

I understand that students come to the piano for different reasons and with different goals. My job is to guide them with an individualized approach that will facilitate reaching that goal, while having fun and developing a lifelong love of music.

Our Doylestown studio is accessible to Bucks and Montgomery counties